Create a Continuum to Track Progress

You design and create your own of continuum to track your Learner's progress.

Within Evidence for Learning you create a continuum by creating aspects (sets of values) and then adding them to a schema. 

There are some pre-loaded aspects within Evidence for Learning to give you some ideas to get started or that you can use to then adapt them to suit your school.

You can create your own continuum in two simple steps.

To create a Continuum you will:

Create Assessment Aspects
Add Assessment Aspects to a Schema

What are Assessment Aspects?

Once you have authorised your assessment users you can begin to setup your Assessment Aspects from your device, the steps below will help you to get started.

An Assessment Aspect is a continuum or set of values to track learners progress.  

You create the values: you name them; you choose their value; their colour and also as a short descriptor (usually a few letters/numbers). 

A preview of how the value will look displayed the bottom of the screen. As you build the continuum/aspect you easily edit any of the values to suit your needs. 

You design your aspects and add them to a schema to create a continuum or set of values to track learners' progress.

You may choose to build an aspect that fits with the assessment model that your school is already using. 

Alternatively, you may choose this opportunity to design a new continuum.

You can create a number of different continuums or schemas to suit your Learner's varied and individual needs.  

Use different continuums for Learners of different pathways or key-stages, they can be subject specific or personalised to an individual learner.

Step 1: Create Assessment Aspects:

Go to Settings (the gear icon, top left).
Tap Cloud Admin (top right) and enter in your Cloud Admin Password and Tap Continue.
Scroll down and Tap Assessment Aspects.
To create a new Assessment Aspect Select Tap + (top right)
Tap New Aspect, you can now delete “new aspect” and enter the name of your new aspect and then Tap Save
Tap Add Aspect Value (This will be below the name of your new aspect)
You can now enter the details of your first value on the scale. 
You set the name of the value. 

The short code is three letters that will appear on the scale. 

You do not have to give but you can give each value a numerical score. 

Display order sets where the value appears on the scale. 

You can also create the colour that the value will appear within your scale.  

As you fill in the value’s details you should be able to see the how it will look in preview at the bottom.

When you have entered all the details for your first value Tap Save (top right)
You can edit a value just by Tapping on it or you can delete it by swiping it left and tapping delete
Repeat stages 6 – 8 as you enter and save all the details of the values
When you have added all your values to your scale Tap Assessment Aspects (top left) and then Cloud Admin (top left)

Using Pre-loaded Aspects

Alternatively, you can use and adapt the preloaded Aspects to help you get started. Follow the above steps 1-4 and then Tap Preloaded (top right in Add Aspect screen)

The Next Step is to add an Assessment Aspect to an Assessment Schema

What is an Assessment Schema?

An Assessment Schema is essentially a collection of Assessment Aspects attached to your Framework, making your Framework assessable. 

Once you have created your Assessment Aspects the next step is to add them to an Assessment Schema you can do this using your device please see the steps below for help with this.

Step 2: Add Assessment Aspects to an Assessment Schema to create your continuum or set of values to track Learners' progress:


Go to Settings (gear icon, top left)

Tap on  Cloud Admin (top right) and login
Scroll down to  Assessment Schema
Tap  (top right)
Tap new schema, you can then delete this and rename your new schema, then Tap Save (top right)
Tap  (None) below Aspect 1 and Tap on the Aspect to add to this Schema

You can create a continuum by adding one aspect to a schema.

You can add up to 5 aspects to a Schema. 

The Primary Aspect will be default to Aspect 1. Within the Assessment books the primary aspect is always displayed. 

Within Assessment books users can expand the view of the framework to see professional judgements made against all the other aspects in the schema.

If you want to can change the primary aspect Tap Primary Aspect: Aspect 1 (towards the top of the menu)

When you have added all the aspects that you want Tap Assessment Schemas (top left) 
Tap Cloud Admin (top left)

The Next Step:

  • To assign the Schema to items within a PLG (Personal Learning Goal), a Framework that is specific for one Learner then here is a link to the relevant guide - "Assign a Schema to a PLG".
  • Alternatively, you may want to use the Schema to asses items that are in a Framework (not a PLG) and that will be used with multiple Learners e.g. a Curriculum or an Accreditation Framework then the next step if you have not done so already, is to create an Assessment Framework and here is a link to the relevant guide - "Create an Assessment Framework".

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