What is the Activity Channel & Activity Kit?

The  EfL Activity Channel & the EfL Activity Kit, lets teachers, therapists and other authorised staff create rich video-based activities containing written and visual instructions, links to your school’s favourite resources, other web links and downloadable and printable resources.

These activities can then be shared with learners and their families/carers via the   EfL Activity Channel within your school’s EfL Parent Portal.

  • Activities can be shared with individual learners, groups/classes or the whole school community.
  • Activities can be easily duplicated and adapted/personalised (if necessary) for individual learners or groups.

Each learner has their OWN  personalised Activity Channel containing the activities that have been shared with them. These can be both general resources (for anyone in the school), as well as personalised activities that have been created specifically for that child – only that learner and their family/carers can access these activities.

Parents, families, carers and learners can easily  search for activities based on relevant themes, areas of your school’s curriculum and even specific learning goals for that learner.

* Crucially… the EfL Activity Channel is YOUR school’s private and secure online channel containing Activities that can be (if desired) easily and quickly personalised for EACH learner and their family/carers.

Enhance your teaching, learning and provision:

  • Enables you to easily and quickly create personalised activities, resources and support for learners
  • Provide personalised and targeted support to learners and families/carers when learners are unable to be in school
  • Helps to develop independent learning
  • Provides learners with opportunities to applydevelop and generalise their learning in a range of contexts outside of school
  • Enables you to capture, evaluate and keep track of learning and progress made outside of school
  • Successful teaching and support strategies can be converted into shareable activities to share best practice
  • Powerful CPD opportunities: Personalised CPD for teachers and LSA/TAs
  • Therapists and Multi-agency teams can provide rich, video-based resources for learners and families that are personalised to the learner’s needs
  • Empower learners and their families for lifelong learning: Preparation for Adulthood (PfA)
  • Model support strategies for job coaches and other stakeholders that support learners outside of school

See the EfL Activity Channel & Activity Kit in action at a school

Have a look at how Palmerston School in Liverpool is using the NEW EfL Activity Channel & Activity Kit to support learners, parents/carers who are working from home or remote locations during the corona virus (Covid-19) crisis. The EfL Activity Channel & Activity Kit can also be used to provide teaching and learning support assistants, as well as for therapists to create and share support resources with other stakeholders including families and carers.

Click here to see the EfL Activity Channel & Activity in Action

How do I enable the EfL Activity Channel?

To share Activities with Parents/Carers, you will need to enable the EfL Activitity Channel using the Admin Console.

For further information on enabling the EfL Activity Channel please see the relevant guide within EfL Resources: 

Enable the the EfL Activity Channel so that staff can share Activities with parents/carers

How do I create my first Activity?

For further information on how to create and share an Activity with learners and their families/carers please see the relevant guide within EfL Resources:

Create and Share an Activity with Parents/Carers

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