Introduction to Frameworks

Two Types of Frameworks: A Framework and a PLG

When thinking about Frameworks it is useful to consider that there are two distinct types. 

There are Frameworks that will be used by more than one learner. Examples, would be the EYFS and the National Curriculum Frameworks. In practice, you may have a whole class or a number of classes where evidence will be gathered and associated against the same Framework.

There is another type of Framework, that will only be used for individual learner. It may have been created based on an individual's Education and Health Care Plan. Alternatively, it could be based on any individual's needs, targets or outcomes. Frameworks, created for one learner, are known as a PLG (Personal Learning Goal).  

The Difference between a Framework and a PLG

The key difference is that a PLG will only be used for one learner. Whereas, a Framework will be used by more than one Learner.

A PLG can also be updated, as the Learner progresses and their needs and target change. However, a Framework can not be edited after evidence has been captured and associated with it.

I want to be able to edit a Framework to make some of the aims be specific to an individual Learner

You can do this, As a standard framework can not be edited, you convert it into a PLG. PLGs can be edited, you would now be able to make the changes you want and use the PLG for one learner. If you wanted to make subtle changes to a standard framework for a whole class of students, you could just repeat the process of converting the Framework into a PLG and each time save it, using the name of the individual Learner. 

What Frameworks are currently in place?

It is really useful to take some time to consider the different frameworks that are currently being used. It is then easy to think which ones you will set up as Frameworks and which ones you would set up as a PLG, as they will only be used for one learner.

Here's our Setup Video to help you get started, we've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.

The Next Step:

Now you have got a better understanding of Frameworks and PLGs, the next step in relation to setting up your Cloud is to review and follow the guide: "Create a Framework".

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