Add Learners to Groups via an Excel spreadsheet

This guide takes you through the process of adding Learners to Groups via an Excel spreadsheet. It is best to do this after you have created your Group Sets and Groups using you Admin Web Console.

If you would like to create a new Group Set or Group then please see the relevant guide:

Create a Group Set and Mutually Exclusive Groups within it, in your Cloud (This guide takes you through the steps of creating a Group Set and then Groups within it)

Create a Group in the Cloud where Learners being in the groups are not mutually exclusive

Now that you have created your Groups Sets, you can now use Excel to put Learners into the appropriate Groups.

Here are the Steps via an Excel Spreadsheet to update Learner Groups:

On a computer, go to and login.

1. Click   Learners (left side)

2. Click   Export (top right)

  • Cell "O1" displays the name of the first Group Set (e.g. "Year") 
  • Column "O" displays the Groups within the Group Set (e.g. "Year 1", "Year 2", "Year 3", etc)
  • Subsequent Group Sets are shown in columns to the right. Row 1 shows the name of each Group Set.
  • To remove a Learner from a Group, delete the name of the Group (e.g. "Year 4") from the Learner's row 
  • To add a Learner to a Group, type the name of the Group (e.g. "Year 5") on the Learner's row in the column of the relevant Group Set (e.g. "Year")
  • If you wanted to add another Group "Year 11", you would type "Year 11" in the relevant Learner's rows and in the column of the relevant Group Set (e.g. "Year")

3. Save the file with a name and in a location that you can easily locate

Return to your Web Admin Console (

1. Click  Learners (left side)

2. Click  Import (top right)

3. Click  Choose File, select the file to Import and click Open

4. Click  Upload

5. Map the column headings in the Spreadsheet to the Cloud. Click  <<ignore>> and select the name of the Group Set (you map/match the Group Set names). This will map/match the changes you made in the spreadsheet to the data stored in the Cloud.

Repeat this process for all Group Sets that you have made changes to. Click  Next (bottom right)

6. Map the Group Sets by changing the drop down option from <<ignore>> to the "Group Set Name">"Group Name" so that it matches the name of the Group above. Click Process (bottom right)

7. If you have added a new Group ("Year 11") via the spreadsheet a new Group will need to be created in the Cloud. To map the Group Sets for the new Group select <<Create New Group in "Group Set name>> 

8. Click  Process (bottom right) 

9. If you are moving Learners from one Group to another within a Group Set, you will get a warning message. Do read and review the instructions and make the appropriate choice. Clicking Import All will import and update all Learners and update the Groups, i.e. Learners will be removed from their previous Groups and added to the new Groups per the Import file.

The Next Step:

Now that you have updated and added the new groups that learners are in, you a now ready to "update existing PLGs (including changing the owners)".

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