Makes Changes to a PLG using the iOS App

You may wish to amend or update a PLG to grow with the Learner's progress or as their needs change.

The great thing is that a PLG can be easily adapted and evolved over time so that it can if choose to, follow a learner through their entire journey throughout the school.

It is a simple process to add new learning outcomes or make various changes to a PLG.

Where do I make changes to PLGs using the iOS App?

Login to the Assessment Area of the App. 

From the home screen of the App with the animated stars and the word "Capture", Tap the pencil and pad icon (bottom right).

See below...

Enter in your username and password and Tap Continue.
Tap  Manage PLG's (top right).
Tap the pencil icon to the right of the PLG that you want to edit.

What change do you want to make to a PLG?

How do I set new outcomes, edit existing outcomes or re-order items within a PLG?
How do I change the owner of a PLG and who can access the assessment book?
How do I start to assess or change how outcomes are assessed within a PLG?   
How do I archive or hide outcomes that have been met?

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